Agency SEO Tech Stack


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he chats with Eric Enge, Principal at Perficient Digital. Together they discuss how SEO agencies work and some of the tools they use for success. 

Ben starts off by looking at the tech stack. You need to figure out your strategy and the tools associated with that. This could be project management or solutions associated with that. Eric suggests what this could look like when you want an agency vs. in-house. When you do SEO in-house you may have less budget and an SEO Agency can leverage tools across multiple clients. In-house may not have as much firepower. You want to have scalable solutions that can be used across multiple clients. Scalability and security are key in SEO Agencies.

Eric and Ben break down what clients need to know when it comes to an SEO Agency. Agencies will look at what the client’s limitations are, what are their competitors doing, and what is their strategy. These factors will play into how an agency will interact with their clients, the tools they use, and the strategy.

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