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How Does One Choose a Quality SEO Agency In London?

For a lot of business owners in today’s world, they understand that proper search engine optimization is needed to have success online. Most businesses are going to outsource their SEO to an agency, but finding the right fit isn’t always easy.   

London is one of the biggest markets in the world, so a
simple search online for web design, digital marketing or SEO agencies in
London will yield thousands of results. How does a person choose a quality SEO
agency in London? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.   

Take SEO searches and top SEO Companies London lists with a grain of

The first talk a lot of people take when starting a brand
new search is to use some type of keyword related to the city they are in. For
example, SEO agency UK or SEO company London will provide plenty of results,
but what exactly do these results mean?  

In a lot of cases, these results and list are very heavily
altered to benefit certain companies. The top results on Google? These
companies simply have the highest budget when it comes to paying for
advertising and putting in their own SEO work. While other companies might be
focusing on providing the best work possible for their clients, these companies
are focused on client acquisition.  

It’s not always a given that these companies are terrible, but just don’t automatically assume the top result is the best of the best. Some of the more boutique options with a smaller marketing team are actually going to outperform some of the top results.  

Similarly, every top list put together is usually nothing
more than a way for some other company to make money. They purchase a website
that has a catchy, SEO-friendly name, and they actually begin to offer spots on
their list two companies for a set amount per year. That’s right, for a one-time
payment that can sometimes be tens of thousands of dollars, a company can be
the best in their city, at least according to an aggregate website.  

This problem is not just related to SEO, but it is pretty
interesting to see it in the industry. Always be aware that with the right
budget and proper SEO, results can always be altered on Google. That even goes
for selling an SEO package to other businesses.  

Understand that SEO takes time  

In the early days of the Internet, there were a lot of shortcuts to have at least temporary results with search engine optimization. They were some companies who relied on the shady tactics, but once they were discovered by Google, Yahoo and other companies, that exploit was patched.  

In 2019, proper SEO is needed to have success. Any exploits to game the system is usually snuffed out pretty early, so companies are found out the hard way that it needs to be done correctly to see long-lasting results.  

Since there is no such thing as a secret formula to having
SEO success, results take time. It’s simply impossible for a company to jump up
the rankings in a matter of weeks when going for a competitive keyword. It
sometimes takes months or even years to fight the uphill battle with several
other companies doing the same thing.  

SEO is not as cheap to pay for these days either, as good
SEO work needs to be rewarded. It’s better to do great work early on then to
have to hire multiple people to fix problems try to get something that

How to hire SEO agencies in London  

Now that it is known what not to do, the focus should be on
figuring out how to properly hire the right fit. It’s not always an exact
science, but there are some logistical starting points for people to

Ask local friends and family  

SEO work is needed for virtually any type of business, so chances are there are at least a few friends and family members who have used a service in the past. Ask them detailed questions about their experience, and figure out if that is a possible solution.  

What might work for one type of company in SEO won’t always
work for the other. When asking for recommendations and advice, make sure to
understand a lot about their personal needs as well. Maybe they had a terrible
experience with the agency they hired, but they also had their own realistic
expectations that really limiting the chance of success.  

Set up realistic goals  

No matter what size of a business a person is dealing with,
they need to have a good idea on their SEO goals. Maybe they will be tweaked a
little bit in the end, but going in with no goals and unrealistic expectations
is just setting things up for disaster.  

Not only is this going to frustrate the business owner, but
the SEO company is simply not going to be able to provide the same type of
help. Without really having much of a clue on how to assist, it can lead to
both parties not working together at all.  

What are some things to consider when putting together
goals? It doesn’t take an SEO expert to come up with some different marketing
strategies and keyword research before jumping into everything.   

What groups should be targeted?  

Every business is going after a specific type of clients,
and it needs to be defined as clearly as possible. Wasting SEO work and money
chasing clients that have no interest in a product is a good way to throw away
money. Know the audience, stress the importance of focusing on them and see the
results come in.  

What should the SEO be focused on?  

SEO can be used for several different reasons. Some want to simply boost their revenue by getting in front of more people who can potentially turn into customers. Working on moving up the ranks is obviously very important in this scenario, but so is working on the website itself so that it is presented properly. Driving people to the website is one thing, but getting results is another. 

 If the goal is to
simply get visitors to sign up, that process should go a different way as well.
The set up is very similar to sell any product, but a little more focus is put
on promising more in the future. Getting them to sign up for a free trial or a
mailing list needs to be convincing enough that they will provide that valuable
piece of information.  

SEO can also be very beneficial for reputation management and building up a brand. This means the focus isn’t on necessarily getting new customers to visit a website, but to suppress any negative attention for one reason or another. Whether it be a recall, false claims or something completely unrelated, negative search results can really hinder the company’s performance.  

Avoid broad suggestions when working with a new SEO company  

Without proper goals, expectations are just going to be too
broad. Avoid asking for things such as more traffic, a higher ranking or
beating a competitor directly. Sure, everyone would like to see results like
this, but they don’t really give any specific goals that show understanding of
search engine optimization. The company should be looking to get the most out
of SEO work, not just paying for it because everyone else is.  

Ask other small
business owners and companies that are not considered competition for unbiased

Since SEO is used for virtually anything these days, it’s
very common for companies in different fields to share what works for them.
Another company has already done a lot of legwork, trying out different SEO
companies before finally going with one that worked for them. It’s a matter of
finding the right connection, and getting a good recommendation.  

There is no incentive for these people to make a poor
suggestion. This is much different than the Internet, which can largely be
filled with a lot of misinformation or paid information when doing a simple
search. There are people who understand that many people search that specific
term, so they are attempting to exploit those people.  

Ask smart, thorough
questions when interviewing different SEO companies  

Good SEO companies understand that new clients are always
going to have questions. Take advantage of that, and ask questions that will
help weed out companies that might not be up to par. A few questions to ask

What processes do you
use to reach goals, and how do you decide on which process to use for each

Every company is going to use slightly different methods,
but there is nothing wrong with asking a little bit about what their plan is.
Most will be able to share just enough to give people confidence that they are
making a good decision.  

Ask about everything related to SEO if possible. From social media marketing to pay per click, it’s important to know their stance and what they plan on doing for successful SEO.  

Do you do all the
work internally, or do you rely on outsourcing?  

There is a lot of outsourcing involved in nearly any job
online these days, but it is important to ask as many specifics about this as
possible. This is especially true for people who might have sensitive
information shared outside of the company. They need to be aware of how
sensitive certain information is, and sign non-disclosures as well if

What precautions do you take on protecting private information? 

 There are a lot of
different leaks with information these days online, and no one wants that stuff
compromise. Ask about how they protect every client from something possibly
happening.   If things don’t go as
planned, what is the alternative solution?  

Do they have a backup strategy plan if their first option doesn’t work? If they don’t have an alternative plan, ask if they offer any type of money-back guarantee if things don’t work out properly.  

Companies that know what they are doing will be very prompt
and confident with their responses. If a company doesn’t have time to respond,
or they do not give very good answers, it becomes pretty clear that they might
not be up for the job.  

Making the final decision  

After putting in the time and effort researching several
different SEO agency London results, it is time to finally make a decision. If
there are still a few different options that are standing out from the rest,
there are some final things to consider to make the decision.   

For starters, think about how trusting they are as a company.

Most people are using companies that were referred to them
in some way, but do they really seem as trusting as they come off as? Do
research on the company to see if there have been customer complaints about
privacy issues or anything related to that in the past.  

Examine their communication through the entire process so
far. If the company has been very prompt throughout the entire process, it’s
much more likely that they are going to meet deadlines and give great updates
during the actual project. A client should always feel like they are getting
the right amount of attention on them.   

Price is the final hurdle, but should never be the final
decision if possible. That is because good SEO is simply going to cost money,
whether a business owner likes it or not. Prices can vary quite a bit, as there
is no real industry standard to go off of. Make sure to understand how much
they charge, and if they lock people into a long-term contract. When starting
out, the shorter the contract, the better off most people will be. There should
always be some type of out-clause, because asking for a long-term contract
right out of the gate could flag a company as a potential scam.   

Remember that in London, there are countless options in the metropolitan area to consider. If one company looks really good, but in the end has some obvious red flags, keep looking. No one should commit to an SEO company unless they feel completely confident in their ability to meet and exceed expectations. There is simply too much money being put into rising up the ranks that research shouldn’t just be skimped.       

One company that continually stands out to many in the area is ClickDo. It isn’t the biggest firm where clients are just a number, which is viewed as a positive for a lot of people looking for individualized SEO strategies. ClickDo was started by Fernando Raymond, who is the top SEO expert in the world. With the ability to travel all around the globe to help clients, he offers a true one-of-a-kind service.       

Past clients love the constant updates, the customized
solutions, the focus on lucrative niches and overall customer service. Too many
SEO companies try to offer cookie-cutter solutions that don’t always work.

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