Core Web Vital Testing Top Asked Questions


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes the two-part episode with Searchmetrics’ Senior SEO Strategist Karl Kleinschmidt. Together they chat about understanding field data vs. lab data.

Ben and Karl address additional questions around understanding lab vs. field data when addressing Core Web Vitals. Karl breaks down what lab data is. Lab data is there to diagnose the problems with Core Web Vitals. A bot pretends to be a person and goes through your site to crawl it. Field data what people are actually experiencing on your website. It’s simulation vs. real life. Understanding the difference is crucial because understanding what devices people are on and how they interact with a website dictates their user experience.

Core Web Vitals looks at two very different metrics and it’s important to understand why they are so different. Thinking about your customer base is something to consider when looking at lab data and field data. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is key to understanding why lab and field data are different. Knowing your audience will help you understand and optimize your Core Web Vital scores.

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