Core Web Vitals In 2022


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he kicks off a two-part episode with Searchmetrics’ Senior SEO Strategist Karl Kleinschmidt. Together they chat about optimizing your Core Web Vitals. 

Karl talks about his journey around Core Web Vitals. One of his priorities is answering questions like “how do I determine what is causing an issue and how much of an impact will it make”. He talks about what issues you should prioritize and how fixing those issues will usually lead to a huge increase in your Core Web Vitals score.

When it comes to figuring out what is causing your low score it is important to look at your stats. Noticing which elements are moving will consider your LCP element – the biggest visual element in the mobile viewpoint. Next, you need to answer whether or not you agree with Google? Figuring out why Google disagrees with you is the number one step. This can be fixed by speed optimizations. It can also be a rendering issue or it can be a pop-up issue. Optimizing these issues will fix your score.

CLS is another metric that webmasters need to consider. The first thing to consider is understanding how this score is calculated. Google looks at what percentage of the screen is moving and how big is the move is. If you are not following best practices for how you write your HTML code, your metric will also suffer.

Core Web Vitals are a lot to understand, but when you break down the 15 metrics into the three umbrellas it makes it easier to know what to focus on.

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