Do Google Properties Ignore Core Web Vitals?


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes his chat with Marcus Tober, Founder and Chief Evangelist at Searchmetrics. Together they discuss what everyone is wondering, is Google prioritizing Core Web Vitals?

Marcus dives into Google and looks at its entities. YouTube has its search algorithm and meta descriptions. It’s an easier way to prioritize their entities to get a better user experience. But when it comes to Core Web Vitals, it evens the playing field. Currently, YouTube has poor scores and is losing rankings. Their LCP is terrible because of all the poor elements on the page, causing slower page speed.

Ben asks the question, since Google prioritizes user experience and optimize content, should they rank higher even if their Core Web Vitals scores are lower? Marcus answers the questions with a few examples. His first example is that Google does prioritize its platform, YouTube. Businesses that have videos need to place them on their site and YouTube so that they have a chance to rank. Google wants to give the individual what they are looking for, regardless of the Core Web Vital score.

While Core Web Vitals is essential, the intent of the searcher is what matters. Businesses should look at their industry benchmarks and focus on those metrics when comparing their Core Web Vitals. At the end of the day, optimizing your site for user experience is key to ranking with Google.

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