Does hosting affect SEO?

A lot of money is spent on website design and development. More money is even speeded on PPC and digital marketing in order to draw customers to your website.
Often hosting is scrimped on! But don’t make that mistake hosting can very much effect SEO. If you make so much as the mistake of putting your website on some cheap hosting it will mess up your results and all effort putting in marketing.

Now hosting and SEO are closer than ever. Online marketing is growing by the day. There are many businesses that want to see their websites on top of Google and to be ranked better than ever. A lot of times web hosting is taken lightly without knowing how huge an impact has on your site. Web hosting affects SEO that is for sure, check out the reasons.

Here are some key web hosting factors that can well impact on your SEO:

Your website speed is essential for SEO

One of the most important factors is speed and how fast your website is loads. The speed of the website plays a very important part, people hate slow websites. So naturally, Google pays more attention to this in ranking. Make sure your website is loaded under two seconds that is a key ensuring that you take the advance. Have in mind your users and visitors to your site are probably to live you and you are more likely to lose all traffic if your site takes too long to load up. Most likely the best web hosting provider will be as quick as possible. Of course, speed will be one of the main priorities! Have in mind there are so many great web hosting companies who have built a great reputation for the great services.

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The rankings are affected by uptime and downtime

Downtimes of your website mean that quantity your webpage is increased due to server problems. If you can’t reload your page on a few occasions by search engine spiders in 24 hours that’s a problem. They will do a recording that your webpage is unreachable and move on. If you are unable to reach on a consistent basis you page deemed and unreliable and your rankings will go down. Uptime is extremely important it can have a huge negative impact on your bounce rate as well, which one of the new major ranking factors.

The availability of your website

First thing loading time doesn’t really matter if your website continues to go down. If that happens often and your website downtime is long you SEO will defiantly drop. Google is more likely will not redirect users to your website if it’s constantly unreachable. Website uptime is very important. It will not only surely boost your SEO rankings but a reputation as well. Your hosting provider must have fast serves otherwise you lose customers and all your traffic. Be assured that if your website goes down your web hosting provider must be able to fix your problem quickly as he can in order to your website stays accessible. This can also affect your conversion rate if you have an online business which in its self can be a nightmare!

How website hosting affects SEO rankings

Today is all about SEO if your site is not ranking on the top page of Google you’ll not get noticed! Many people want their website on the first page of Google search engine. Your site has to runs quickly and smoothly this way you be positive to gain better Google rankings. Of course this more possible if you invest in the good hosting company. Hosting can affect SEO ranking and here some of the reason why:

  1. Your server may be down
  2. Loading time of your website
  3. For SEO share hosting is no good…

Website security or SSL

The web host you choose must provide you with the best security for your site. Having a vulnerable site can lead not only loss all income but also a bad reputation. You must keep in mind some factors when you choose your web provider. First, you need to make sure that your web provider offers SEFT which secure your files from beginning modified and intercepted.

Also, check if your web host has an SSL certificate, it’s very important for your web security. When it’s come to the web security of your website security server maintenance is also important. Always make sure that your web provider provides a publish security protocol.


How to choose an SEO friendly web host?

First, you need to do is research to find a web host that will match your needs. There are a lot of web hosts, naturally, there is a number of web hosting that offers low-cost services of higher quality. Always make sure to check online review few web host to find out what other customers says. Reputation in this business is very important, have it in mind when choosing business hosting as it will affect your search engine rankings in the long term a business hosting provider we recommend is


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