How to Communicate Agency Clients


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his chats with Eric Enge, Principal at Perficient Digital. Together they discuss how SEO agencies should communicate with their clients to ensure success. 

Eric dives into his strategies around agency management so that he can effectively communicate with his clients. One of the biggest challenges he faces is communicating the importance of SEO. Giving the information to your point of contact and ensuring they are getting what they need and giving the data to the rest of their org. Learning the org chart is crucial to know who to communicate with so that you talk to the right people.

The additional piece of the puzzle is data and education. When you give your client data that shows growth around the overall SEO strategy, it means it’s working. The other part of that data is educating your client on specific points to share with their greater org. When you communicate effectively with your client and give them the gold nuggets of data, they can then share that with their managers to show the value of SEO.

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