Is Fernando Raymond the best SEO Consultant in London, UK for Local SEO consultancy?

For over a decade, Fernando Raymond has seen a little bit of everything in online marketing. A lot has changed in the industry since the early year, and Fernando prides himself on being at the forefront of this ever-changing world.  

How did he grow from a kid learning about online marketing in his free time to the owner of several successful companies, including SeekaHost and ClickDo? It wasn’t easy, but Fernando has always done it his way. 

Fernando Raymond Digital marketing strategist

Early Beginnings 

Fernando’s passion for different types of marketing strategies out there started at a very early age. He grew up intrigued by traditional marketing, ranging from television and magazine advertisements to local billboards. 

It just so happens that he grew up in the first generation
to experience the growth of online marketing. He’s seen the highs and the lows
of the industry, and he’s used what actually works to bring an authentic,
dependable experience to life. Seeing a new way to reach customers and uniquely
grow businesses, the Sri Lankan native started working on his own business
ventures, eventually branching off to help others as well. 

After high school, he attended college, eventually graduating in 2011 with a Master of Science in Management from the University of Worcester. He would stay in the United Kingdom after graduating, working for a number of digital companies before developing some of his own personal business ideas. 

The Growth of an Entrepreneur 

Fernando started ClickDo as a startup company with exactly one worker: himself. Evolving from his personal website, he had big visions despite humble beginnings. The early foundation for what ClickDo would become was there, but it would take time. 

ClickDo is known as an SEO and online marketing services agency. Every single business needs slightly different services, so customized, boutique services work best in most cases. There is no true “one-size-fits-all” in digital marketing. 

A few years after launching in 2013, ClickDo started to take off slowly but surely. Fernando stuck with what worked for him in online marketing throughout the entire process. Instead of attempting to take shortcuts, the company grew at a steady rate. 

By 2015, Fernando launched a new idea called SeekaHost. The concept was simple: it would be a company that offered web hosting services at a valuable price, reaching a new set of clients who might be interested in using both companies. Too many hosting companies attempt to maximize profits only, forgetting about the customer and their needs. 

ClickDo and SeekaHost are the most well-known companies Fernando still has in operation to this day. He also has multiple companies that are connected in some capacity to the digital world. His goal is to help as many companies and entrepreneurs as possible grow and evolve their own digital marketing techniques for their companies.

By offering a number of services to simplify the process, he is becoming a one-stop-shop in a lot of ways for those starting out. 

Living the Digital Nomad LifeStyle

As a self-described digital nomad, traveling the world while working, Fernando feels it is a true win-win situation. It is a dream many in today’s digital world have: the ability to travel while working, forced to sacrifice nothing along the way. 

remote working from bokan canary wharf

While London is his official business home, he loves the
opportunity to travel and see all parts of the world. He has had the
opportunity to see too many countries to keep count of, and he currently has
ClickDo staff on three different continents. 

His travels allow him to provide real-world, hands-on help for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow digitally. Sometimes, people learn at a much faster pace when meeting with an expert in person. Despite earning the label as the best SEO consultant in London, UK, he has a reach much further than that.  

A Bright Future 

What worked in digital marketing, in the beginning, doesn’t necessarily work in 2019. This is still a very new industry, and nobody understands that better than Fernando. He has focused his business on helping other business owners and entrepreneurs thrive in this brand new world. He strongly believes that any company can reach another level of success by growing digitally, which is why he loves working with people who have little to no current presence online. 

What keeps him a step ahead of the competition is that he understands digital marketing education never stops. He’s always learning new techniques and marketing ideas that are forward-thinking. Too many people view online marketing as a “get rich quick” move full of exploits and shortcuts to the top of search results, but Fernando has his eyes on sustained, long term success. Actions always speak louder than words, just have a look at one of the many case studies ClickDo has investigated, you can check them all out here.

His goals going forward include making the online world truly open to all. He has a mission one day get over 100 million people in struggling countries online thanks in large part to the web services he provides through SeekaHost. He has received recognition for even attempting a lofty goal like this, and others have commended his commitment to growth.  

It’s a lofty goal, but for a guy who has always put in the work to reach his goals as well as such a strong work ethic, it’d be silly to count him out.

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