Ways To Contact Google My Business Support


Once you could find a form in the GMB(Google My Business) dashboard fill it in and then get a call from Google my business. But it has become more and more hard to find and do!  If you are looking in your Google My Business Support account you find that there is no longer a call button! Don’t be afraid you’re not alone! You may have an issue with your business listing, it can be an unfinished, long process and become a huge waste of time. But It does have to be, we are here for you. Here some option that may help you to contact Google My Business Support


There are two ways of contacting the support team. First one is google my business phone number which is available to everyone and the number is 1-844-491-9665. Calling this number you will talk to a person and they will do everything they can to help you fix the problem. There is waiting on hold issue though.

Like any customer service, you be on hold for a little while but don’t let that discourage from fixing your problem. Some people waiting for 30 seconds some little longer it really depends on how busy they are. If you still choose this option, this is what will happen: an automated voice will welcome you to the service line and then your wait in line will begin. Bear in mind that they can help you with any problem. You face such as setting up a new local account or giving help with issues that you didn’t find in the help pages.

Other people reported not having access to their account and this is the most common problem. Like on Google accounts, you will be given an option to set a password recovery email. It is common for people to forget their passwords. Whatever the problem is, people who work at google customer service are always professional and ready to help you with your problem.

Google My Business


Social media has become the fastest way of solving many problems that business people have and need fast solutions. To help people who don’t have time, now you can go easily to Twitter. The Google My Business Twitter has been there to provide information for all things GMB. There is a team who work from Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 PM you will receive an answer within 24- 48 hours. If you are more interested in a person who’s helping you can always go to the page introducing you to the Twitter team. This is what phone support lacks often, the personal touch.

Most often, people who have anxiety and who don’t like talking with customer support. They will love this social media option because it is convenient. Many of them who received help from Twitter. Saying that they received help faster and are overjoyed that they didn’t have to pick up their phone and call customer service. Other people think social media support can replace the regular over-the-phone support just because of this. This is another way of solving your problem with the GMB.

When business people choose the Twitter option instead, they will need to create a Twitter account. If they don’t have one, in order to access the support team. It isn’t extra work, because doesn’t take a long time to simply create an account if you want fast help.

Once you create your account, it now provides access to the service team to help you. One of the things you will have to do is to follow @GoogleMyBiz. After that, you simply ‘’Tweet to’’ or ‘’Message’’ any question that you have, and they will help you.


Many times when you encounter the problem naturally you go and ask another person. Maybe they had similar problems relating to the thing in question. Forum option lets you experience help first hand. But, as with everything we’ve mentioned so far, there is a waiting problem here as well. What is amazing this forum is operated by volunteer or “Top Contributors” and not by Google!

Probably the most interesting about  “Top Contributors” that they are long members of the community. They have been picked by community managers. The best thing they do is offering consistent and high-quality support. Anyone can become the top contributor which is for many people exiting.

Ways to Contribute to the Support Community

If you want to contribute to the support community, there is a way to do it. The first thing you must learn the skills and knowledge to solve many problems if you wish to be the best GMB problem-solver there is. The community managers manage people who have provided most help and pick them to be Top Contributors.

There are certain guidelines if you aspire to be a Top Contributor

-Be active on a regular basis in the community

-Have patience when you responding to the questions and solving problems

-Show understanding of problem and business platform

-Help other members out and educate as much you can others member on local search forum

-Constructive feedback is a must

Google My Business Forum Advice

You can speak directly with a person on the forum but you can get advice 24-7 from the Top Contributors. The Google My Business Forum supports and is managed by a group of people from Top Contributors. They have a knowledge of how to solve an issue and know Google.

Shortcuts to different support forums. These are some of the things top contributors have managed to get accomplished:

–    Request reinstatement for a suspended listing

–    Fixed issues verifying a listing

–    Reported inappropriate rewires\


Be aware of false phone calls! Google and many of them want to hurt your business. To prevent this, you will have to bear in mind this warning because not all phone calls are that, they are calming to be. Occasionally GMB Phone support can call to verify your business and confirm some company details for Maps. This is done in order to prevent spam.

Fraudulent people abuse this and can deceive in many ways and unfortunately more often than not. They can be convincing enough to steal all the information regarding your GMB. When this happens, all you have to do is see what next they will do with it.

For this reason, we are offering help, what to pay attention to, the warning signs if you don’t know whether or not it is Google or someone else.

Here is a list of thing Google will not call or ask for EVER. If you get a call regarding some of these things or all things from the list to be careful and end the call as soon as possible.

-They will not ask for a fee (Google never does this)

-Ask for payment to rank in search results

-They will not ask to administer your business profile online

-They will not ask you about other important and private information about your account

– Contact you using a robo-call.

If you have no doubt in a phone call you just received use contact information and make sure that you are talking to a legit authorized person! As we’ve already mentioned, beware of some information stealers and protect yourself with the advice given above. Stay GMB safe guys!

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