What is Black hat SEO?

In Search Engine, Optimization black hat SEO refers to use more aggressive SEO strategies and tactic that focuses more on a search engine and not on the human audience and usually not follow search engine guidelines.

Black hat technique most of all include using private link network cloaking and keyword stuffing. Appearing in search results is very important for a business to grow. But you should know there are two ways of SEO, good and bad.

Black hat SEO is bad because it seeks to game the search engine algorithm, instead of solving it. Instead of doing it right black hat SEO uses the shady tactic to get you there.

Black hat techniques in SEO

Keyword Stuffing

The first thing you should be aware of black hat technique is no longer applies in SEO as it used to be. Today’s search engine is more complex and smarter to get dodged with this shady tricks.

Keyword stuffing most involves overusing the same keywords over again trough page to make it more visible and to have more organic traffic. If you do it constantly it doesn’t look natural and organic and it instantly becomes non-user-friendly.

Invisible Texts

Which means put with text, a list of keywords, on with background. This tactic is used in order to make keywords invisible to a visitor, but the search engine still can detect them and de-index them.


Cloaking simply means showing different content to search enigma and different piece of content to users. This kind of black hat SEO will try to this in order to make content rank for a variety of team’s irrelevant to their content. Usually, the website will try to do this when they are spam and try to avoid a search engine bot finding out the spam content they serve to users.

Poor Quality Content

A poor content in SEO has no value to the searchers and also is common in black hat SEO. At this moment engines as Google have updated at resolving this issue. There are many sites with double concert have taken a step down in search rankings. Google has gotten much smarter and better at recognizing low-quality content and black hat SEO traps.

Also one of the usual tactics of black hat SEO is adding invisible keywords to your concert, which is highly prohibited. Some of the example of how they do it is by making the text the same color as the page background. In this case, the page may appear top search results for those invisible keywords even though there is no visible record of keywords.

The best way to rank in top search resultants is to have high-quality content. It automatically builds trust with your targeted audience and turns visitors into customers, that way of white hat SEO.

Paid Links

Buying and selling links are strictly forbidden. You should avoid paying any other site to link your content. Google has banned it and ask users to tell him if people are selling or buying links. There goes that Google will penalize booth buyers and seller of links. The only safe way is outreach the only problem with this is it can be time-consuming.

 Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black hat is bad mostly because it uses a shady and forbidden tactic which can ban your websites from Google and other search engines.

There are many Black hat SEO users may gain short term success by this but Google penalties are getting more and more sophisticated and have a bad influence on your ranking position and traffic.

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