What’s the Demand like for Local SEO Consultants in 2021?


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes his chat with Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist and Advisor to Searchmetrics. Together they chat about the demand for SEOs and what companies are looking for.  

Ben dives into his history with Searchmetrics and how he became a consultant. It allowed him to explore and give advice on his area of expertise while giving advice to a company. Jordan is going into consultancy as well and Ben asks him his advice on SEO consultants.

SEO is in demand. Companies need these roles for search. This industry is growing and companies need the expertise of these individuals. Companies need SEO to help with their various intitivites in marketing and beyond. Jordan shares three areas where companies are looking for help. The first is that companies need help with SEO long-term and what that means to the business. The second is helping companies scaling their site and the last is evergreen opportunities. Companies are started to find value with the opportunities SEO presents with evergreen content.

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